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What is Florida Auto Insurance?

It is a contract between you and your insurer in which you pay the b a certain amount of money and, in return, the company will protect you from major financial losses due to an auto accident for a given period of time.

Whether you currently own an automobile or are a prospective buyer in Florida, you can get a Free Auto Insurance quote today. 

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Why Do You Need Auto Insurance?

Insurance is your protection against economic disaster should you cause an accident that results in property damage or injuries to other people. It can help cover repairs to your vehicle and related medical costs.

What does auto insurance cover?

  • Bodily injury liability coverage – Pays for bodily injury or death resulting from an accident for which you are at fault and provides you with a legal defense.

  • Property damage liability coverage – Provides you with protection if your car accidentally damages another person's property. It also provides you with a legal defense.

  • Medical payments, no-fault or personal injury coverage – Usually pays for the medical expenses of the driver and passengers in your car incurred as a result of a covered accident regardless of fault.

  • Uninsured motorist coverage – Pays for your injuries and, in some circumstances, certain property damage caused by an uninsured or a hit-and-run driver. In some cases, underinsured motorist coverage is also included. This is for cases in which the at-fault driver has insufficient insurance.

  • Comprehensive physical damage coverage – Pays for damage to your car from theft, vandalism, flood, fire, and other covered perils.

  • Collision coverage – Pays for damage to your car when it hits or is hit by another object.

Can I get coverage with speeding tickets on my record? What about accidents or a DUI?

Yes. GreatFlorida Auto Insurance Agency owners understand that not everyone has a perfect driving record. They represent insurance carriers specializing in your unique situation.

What is a deductible on my auto policy?

In the event of a claim, this is the amount you will have to pay before your policy pays.

What's the difference between comprehensive and collision?

Collision is the part of the policy that covers your vehicle against damage caused in an accident. Comprehensive covers your car for damages not caused by a collision. It also covers against named perils such as hurricane damage and theft.

What are the Florida state required limits for auto insurance?

Florida requires a minimum of $10,000 coverage for property damage and $10,000 coverage for Personal Injury Protection.

What is uninsured motorist coverage?

Coverage designed to provide protection should you be involved in an accident with a motorist who is at fault and has either no insurance or not enough to cover your medical expenses. Uninsured motorist coverage does NOT cover damage to your vehicle.

I just moved to Florida. Is coverage the same from state to state?

No. Each state has unique rules and regulations for auto insurance. It’s important to be aware of the differences here in Florida.

Do I have to turn in my out of state tags and get new ones from Florida?

Yes. Upon moving to Florida a driver has 30 days get a new registration on the vehicle.

What is the Florida Financial Responsibility Law?

The law that requires owners or operators of autos to provide evidence that they have the funds to pay for automobile losses for which they might become liable. Auto Insurance is the usual method for providing this evidence to the state.

What is the Florida No-Fault Law?

The Florida No-Fault law requires PIP (personal injury protection) be carried by owners of motor vehicles and imposes penalties for failing to do so.

Why should I buy my auto insurance from GreatFlorida?

  • Most customers save money because we offer some of the most competitive rates around.
  • You can reach us any time, day or night, any day of the year.
  • You deal directly with a local GreatFlorida Agent in Florida.
  • We help you settle your claims quickly and fairly.

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About Auto Insurance in Florida

In the event of an accident, Auto insurance provides protection against monetary losses due to a car crash, as well as damages from a natural disaster or vandalism.

Florida drivers are required to have a minimum of property damage coverage and personal injury protection. Your Local Agent at GreatFlorida Insurance Florida, can familiarize you with legal requirements, additional coverage options such as bodily injury liability, collision, no-fault, uninsured motorist, comprehensive coverage and deductibles.

Your Local Agent at GreatFlorida Insurance in Florida shops all the major carriers to find the best policy and the best rate. Easy, Low-Cost and Worry Free. That's the GreatFlorida Insurance promise.

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Auto Insurance Florida Blog
by GreatFlorida Insurance

“Most of us are tired of our car before it is even paid off,” observes Ellsworth Buck, Vice President of GreatFlorida Insurance, Florida’s largest independent auto insurance agency.

So how can you restore pride of ownership for your vehicle? Below are useful ideas to refresh your car’s looks, without breaking the bank.

Clean-This seems fairly obvious, but this is not just about clearing out the trash. Dedicate a weekend to deep cleaning and reap impressive benefits. Set aside a day to cleaning the interior and then another day to cleaning the exterior. Vacuum, shampoo carpets and upholstery, scour the trunk and do not forget the windows.

Experts agree, hand washing the outside of your car is the best method. Use proper car washing products, not household dish soap. Make sure to scrub the tire wells. Also, do not forget to wax and polish. This will protect your car’s paint job from sun damage and debris as well as making it shiny.


Replace the floor mats-If you have stains or damage that cannot be repaired, replace your floor mats. Be sure to get upholstery or rubber floor mats that are designed for your vehicle’s make and model. For around $30, it can make a tremendous difference to the interior of your car.

Headlight Restoration-Plastic composite headlamps weather and dull over time. The professionals at Toyota recommend restoring your headlight cover with a headlight restoration or de-hazing kit. One commonly used method requires scrubbing with toothpaste and a sponge. If you do not want to put in the sweat equity, you can find replacements at an auto parts store. Updated headlights brighten the look of your car and improve illumination and visibility.

Revitalize the A/C– The air conditioning in any Florida car works overtime. It can suffer mold, mildew and bacteria. Regularly change or clean the filters in the system. Popular Mechanics provides easy steps to clean out the air condition. First, make sure the air coming through the system is clear of leaves, bugs, dust and dirt. Use compressed air from a portable compressor to blow dust and dirt from the A/C duct work. Be sure to aim high pressure air at the walls of the ducts behind the vent grilles. Finish off by using an air-conditioning deodorizer for a nice fresh scent.

“Always perform regular maintenance on your car,” recommends Buck with GreatFlorida Insurance, Florida’s top independent car insurance agency. There is no point in looking good if your vehicle is not running properly.

Make sure your car is covered with the right car insurance coverage. Call GreatFlorida Insurance today for a free quote.


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The longing for family during holidays, thrusts people into the madness of holiday travel. This year transcend your anxiety and prepare for a stress free family vacation.

“The key to a successful trip is preparation,” says Ellsworth Buck, Vice President of GreatFlorida Insurance, Florida’s leading independent auto insurance agency.

Minimize stress with good planning and helpful travel tips to maximize the holiday cheer upon arrival.

On the Road

Get your vehicle ready. Updated maintenance and a tire inspection is recommended by AAA before hitting the road.

Establish expectations with your kids, no fighting or complaining, etc. If they get restless, offer them a reward for good behavior. Let them pick out a snack at the next stop.

Accompany your children on bathroom breaks.

Keep valuables and gifts stored in the trunk.

Map your route in advanced and prepare for traffic.

“Keep your roadside assistance information available in case of an emergency,” cautions Buck with GreatFlorida Insurance, Florida’s largest independent car insurance agency.



Streamline your approach to traveling. Less stuff, less stress. Send gifts ahead or ship them to your destination. This avoids excess baggage and reduces the risk of TSA ripping open your packages. Also, don’t pack what you can buy at your destination. Once you arrive you can buy small quantities of toiletries.

Download airline apps to stay on top of flight information.

Check in as early as possible on-line (usually 24 hours).

Conde ’Nast Traveler  recommends GateGuru, an app that reports up to the minute TSA wait times, gate changes and locates airport eateries.

Get a ride to the airport from a friend or transportation service. Navigating parking is one less anxiety.

Leave the laptop at home and use your cell phone.

Charge all electronic devices and keep chargers accessible.

Make sure to have a good book, movie or music to keep you busy.

Eat well-snacks are fun and necessary, but this is no time to get “hangry.” Choose healthy meals.

Wear your heavier clothes so they do not take up room in your luggage.

Bring an extra empty duffel bag folded up in your luggage for gifts to bring home.

Remember this is a wonderful time of the year, be patient and kind. Many people are frustrated and cranky. You will get further with people by being nice rather than assertive and threatening.

GreatFlorida Insurance provides comprehensive car insurance at great rates. Our agents will compare car insurance from several reputable companies across the U.S. to find an auto policy suitable for you.


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Need a ride? Rideshare companies can efficiently get you where you need to be. App based transportation network companies such as Uber and Lyft, provide rides while creating an opportunity for drivers to supplement their income at their convenience.

Despite the accessibility, there seems to be some ambiguity surrounding rideshare programs. GreatFlorida Insurance has provided some answers to common misconceptions to clear up the confusion.

Can ridesharing legally operate in Florida?

Yes. Florida lawmakers were set to address potential regulations for rideshare companies during the 2016 legislative season but it didn’t happen.

At the center of the controversy is insurance requirements. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) has held the opinion that Uber’s insurance policies meet Florida law. After a lengthy court battle, Broward County also agrees. Some lawmakers believe rideshare drivers should carry a commercial auto policy similar to taxi drivers.

What are Florida insurance requirements for rideshare?

Florida drivers participating in ridesharing must have personal auto insurance.


The coverage gap

It is critical for Uber and Lyft drivers to be aware of a gray area, also known as a coverage gap. This is the time period when drivers log into the rideshare app and are waiting for a passenger to enter the vehicle. If an accident happens during this time a driver could be uninsured or underinsured.

In this gap, a driver’s personal car insurance is responsible for damages. Unfortunately, many personal auto insurance policies would be likely to deny the claim because the driver is logged into the app.

Is insurance available to cover the gap?

Auto insurance covering Uber and Lyft drivers is extremely limited in Florida.

GreatFlorida Insurance works with an insurance carrier offering a rideshare endorsement on personal auto policies that fills the gaps most personal auto policies have when it comes to driving-for-hire,” says Mike Carcas, Coral Gables GreatFlorida Insurance Agent. “Commercial auto policies are an option as well, but tend to be more expensive and limiting when it comes to personal use.”

 Coverage provided by Uber and Lyft

Once a passenger enters the vehicle until they exit, Uber and Lyft will cover medical expenses and other damages up to $1 million. They also have added uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage.

During the time when a driver logs on to the app, to the time they pick up a passenger, Uber and Lyft will offer 50/100 limits to 3rd parties involved in an accident. They will not offer any collision /comprehensive coverage to the driver’s vehicle.

The rideshare companies offer limited coverage when a driver is in route to a passenger or driving a passenger. Coverage is based on the driver’s underlying personal auto insurance.

If you drive for Uber or Lyft, at GreatFlorida Insurance can make sure you get the proper rideshare insurance coverage for you and riders. Contact us today to discover all the auto insurance options available for you.


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When the fuel light comes on in your car, does it set you in a panic causing you to dash to the nearest gas station or do you live on the edge and see how far you can make it?

Well, thanks to the auto website, YourMechanic, you can get a good idea how much further your car can go before it actually runs out of gas. They have put together a chart for the 50 best selling cars in the U.S. in 2015. The chart identifies how much gas is remaining once the low fuel warning light appears. It provides an approximate range of how many miles the car has before you are on the side of the road.

“Knowing how far you have before your car is truly empty can help calm your fears if you are driving a stretch of road with few gas stations or rest stops, says Ellsworth Buck, Vice President of GreatFlorida Insurance, Florida’s top independent auto insurance agency.

how-far-can-you-drive-your-vehicle-on-empty-2-chart-revisedWhile the chart provides helpful information about how many miles you have left once the low fuel warning light is on, YourMechanic warns, “Exactly how far you drive on empty depends on both your vehicle and on your driving habits and conditions.”


Is it bad for your car to drive on empty?

Most car experts recommend keeping your car no less than ¼ tank full. Though rare, driving on empty can cause damage to your vehicle. Dirt and debris can settle at the bottom of your gas tank and cause a blocked fuel filter.

Additionally, Consumer Reports says, “gasoline acts like a coolant for the electric fuel-pump motor, so when you run very low, this allows the pump to suck in air, which creates heat and can cause the fuel pump to wear prematurely and potentially fail.”

“It’s a good idea, especially when heading out on a road trip to carry along a disposable gas container, suggests Buck from GreatFlorida Insurance, Florida’s largest independent auto insurance agency.

How can you conserve gas?

Although, gas prices have only risen marginally over the summer it does not hurt to try and save as much at the pump as possible. The American Automobile Association(AAA) has the following tips to help you conserve gas when hitting the road.

Accelerate gradually

When coming to a stop, let your foot off the gas as early as possible.

Avoid warm-ups in the morning, they are unnecessary and waste fuel.

Use air conditioning rather than open windows, they create drag

Maintain appropriate tire pressure

Keep the air filter clean

Drive the speed limit

GreatFlorida Insurance provides dependable, individually crafted auto insurance at a price you can afford, call us today.







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How much is your personal information worth? Car insurance companies are offering discounts in exchange for personal driving data.

“Traditionally, auto insurers have based price on categories such as age, gender, where you live and the type of car you drive to determine the price of auto insurance,” says Ellsworth Buck, Vice President of GreatFlorida Insurance, Florida’s largest independent auto insurance agency.

Auto insurance companies are now offering plug-in devices or smart phone apps to track a driver’s habits. The devices monitor information such as, the number of miles driven in a day, the time of day or night a driver travels, as well as, rapid acceleration and hard breaking. In return, a safe driver could be eligible for up to a 30 percent discount.

The data gathered is used to evaluate accident risks. The idea is a tracking device will allow insurance companies to craft a more personalized auto insurance policy based on the customers’ specific driving patterns. In the future, usage-based insurance will allow insurance companies to reduce fraud claims, help in stolen vehicle recovery and process claims faster.

drive data

The goal is to identify safe drivers and entice them with discounts so they will remain loyal to the auto insurance company. Unfortunately, in the process these programs could expose riskier drivers making it more difficult to find affordable auto insurance.

“While discounts are appealing, an obstacle to usage-based insurance is privacy concerns,” says Buck with GreatFlorida Insurance, Florida’s top independent auto insurance agency. “Not all drivers are willing to share their private information.”

Chief Executive Glenn Renwick with Progressive, told the Wall Street Journal, “Progressive recognized from the beginning that it would be an uphill battle. Early company surveys of people’s interest in usage-based insurance revealed that about 40 percent of people had a viewpoint that was some variation on, ‘No way in hell.’”

Auto insurance companies realize earning the trust of customers will be key. Safeco’s website states, “We will not share the personally identifiable usage data we collect with any third party except to service your auto policy, for research as required by law.”

Their program, “Righttrack” offers an enrollment discount into their 90-day program. After the 90 days, they determine a final discount. The program is voluntary and free. A plug-in device is provided for participants.

Progressive has “Snapshot” a plug-in device that collects data about how much you drive, when you drive, changes in speed. Customers earn a discount based on their safe driving but risky driving can cause a rate increase at renewal.

After years of research Progressive concluded drivers have repetitive driving patters. Gathering data for a specific amount of time was sufficient to assess driving habits. Since 2008, close to 4 million drivers have participated in the Snapshot program.

Experts see usage-based insurance as inevitable despite privacy concerns. The economic benefits and convenience will outweigh apprehensions.

If you are looking for affordable car insurance, give GreatFlorida Insurance a call today.


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